Finding the Right Mattress as a Couple

When two individuals get married, they find they must compromise in a number of areas. One problem that many newlyweds encounter is they discover they can’t find a bed they both like or one person moves around a great deal in their sleep disturbing the other in the process. The new Purple mattress resolves these issues and many more. If you and your new spouse are finding you don’t sleep well when sharing a bed, this is one option that should definitely be considered. Why is this the case?

Motion Transfer

People, when sleeping together for the first time, may notice their partner moves around a great deal. This can interfere with sleep for the person who doesn’t shift a lot during the night. The Purple mattress features individually wrapped coils. As a result, when one partner moves, the other person is less likely to feel it. The concern may be that the bed is too soft or too firm when this is the case. This is why Purple decided to offer three levels of firmness. Choose the P 2 if you want a firm mattress, the P 3 if you want to feel like you are sleeping on top of the bed, and the Purple 4 if a soft mattress if your preference. Couples tend to find they like the P3 because it offers a balance between soft and firm, allowing both parties to be comfortable all night long.

Temperature Regulation

Humans put off body heat, and this can be a problem when two people sleep together. One person may transfer heat to the other, making them uncomfortable. The new Purple mattress comes with an open structure as well as the famous comfort grid. Both work to ensure the comfort of individuals using the mattress, as these features help to keep the temperature under control. Furthermore, the mattress is made with temperature-neutral material to ensure the users’ comfort.

During the mattress buying process, be sure to check out the new Purple mattress. You can click for more information. As there are three models to choose from, one is sure to meet your needs and your spouse’s to stop the arguments before they start. Being married is never easy. When a person isn’t well rested, they tend to be crabby. A good night’s sleep can help to resolve this and that is what this mattress delivers. Check it out today. You won’t be disappointed.

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